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Hi there, I've had alot of emails asking where dad is! And i have confirmation from him, who has told me to let you all know, that he is now over on BitChute .... also on Rumble but is working that one out.... Youtube took him down!  

About Me

R. Douglas

store owner

Just a stay at home mum who loves to create. I make all my designs unless stated otherwise. 

Please, if you have any issues purchasing send me an email! We will figure out a way for you to buy your stickers....

 I can also do custom stickers ... Again, send an email and we will work it out :) 

Email is at the bottom on the site 

**Disclaimer** all merchandise I have designed and make myself. If you see anyone copying my designs I have not given anyone permission to do so. Please let me know if you see anyone else with my designs. 


Colac Victoria Australia

Colac Victoria Australia

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9am - 5pm